24 Hours In

Before I tell you anything about Ecuador, I’ve got to give a shoutout to American Airlines for their movie selection. Thanks to them, I got to see Moana, La La Land and Lion – I recommend all three. (These movies doubled as a calming technique because I was so engrossed.) 

They usually say the first day or week after a move is the hardest…if that is true, I am PUMPED for the next 9 weeks! Today went better than I could’ve prayed for. (however, the hundreds of prayers from myself and everyone else definitely had a lot to do with it I’m sure!) 

Quick run through of my day:

  1. Wake up, unpack
  2. Go to the bakery to get fresh baked bread for breakfast (I’ve never smelled something so amazing, even when Sunbeam is baking in Fort Wayne) 
  3. Eat a hard boiled egg, the bread and green tea (I think) for breakfast with my host mom and dad – my brother and sister were still asleep.
  4. Go to the Teachers Appreciation celebration which is NOTHING like how we celebrate it in the US. The men played soccer, the women played basketball (I dominated because contrary to the US, I’m tall here), we went swimming, sang karaoke (I know you’re dying to find out what I sang, so I decided to stick to what I know and belted Backstreet Boys), hung out alllllllllllllll day and I was introduced to some of the customs within the Ecuadorian community. 
  5. Snack was a ham sandwich on that super yummy bread with mayo and a tomato and a strawberry soda.
  6. Lunch was pork, potatoes and something else that didn’t really have a taste but they were little, white, round shaped somethings… I liked it.
  7. I fell asleep before dinner.
  8. I finally checked in with home to let them know I’m safe (seriously so sorry, Mom). 
  9. Dinner was fenezca (a soup that is only served on Holy Thursday and Good Friday) followed by a whole fish, potatoes and a red juice. 
  10. We ran to the grocery store. (It’s in a mall that has a TGI Fridays and a KFC in it but get this – the KFC only serves ice cream!!!! #mindblown) 
  11. And now I’m in bed.

Today has been outstanding. I know my Spanish isn’t great but I’ve only received compliments for trying. Stray dogs are everywhere. We turned a corner and there were two cows standing in a little field eating the grass. My host sister likes to do cartwheels and watch Disney channel. My room is pink. The school I will be teaching at has a cheer program that came in second place in a cheer competition in Orlando recently..? (I couldn’t figure out how to ask the girl which one, but hopefully I’ll be able to help them out and then I’ll probably know!) 

Basically, I’m so thankful I took this leap of faith because I everything seems to be falling into place.


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