‘Twas the night before my first day of school…

Me. Encanta. Ecuador. (Translation: I. Love. Ecuador.) 

Oh my goodness, is it great here! I swear I’ve learned more Spanish in the 4 days here than in the over 5 years I took Spanish classes. All of my research for my Honors Project on the language learning process is ringing in my ears – the context in which you learn a language is SO important. This immersive experience is truly amazing (frustrating at times, but worth it). 

I can’t believe how much my host family has managed to squeeze in during the past 4 days – I’m exhausted!!! I wouldn’t want it any other way though. I’ve been blessed with a funny, caring, patient, athletic host family who goes out of their way to make sure I’m taken care of… I’ll never be able to thank them enough (even if I knew how to say it in Spanish, I wouldn’t be able to find the right words). 

Ecuador is over 90% Catholic (part of the reason I picked to come here) so this past week has been special because it is La Semana Santa – or Holy Week. My family took me to a parade, down La Calle de Siete Iglesias (the street with 7 churches), to El Panecillo and to La Ronda. 

​Parade to celebrate Good Friday and Jesus’ path to where he was crucified. 

Some of the churches I visited (talk about massive and breathtakingly beautiful). 

El Panecillo is a HUGE statue overlooking all of Quito. The second picture is with my host brother and sister. 

La Ronda is where local musicians and artisans come to show their talents. It is also lined with bars, restaurants and dance clubs. (Peep El Panecillo lit up in the top picture!)

I’ve met my host grandparents (they live on a farm); I like salchipapas; I tried chicken feet; I ate something at the market today that I can’t pronounce; my family plays voley every weekend (I’ll tell you more about that later because it is much different than American volleyball and I suck at it); I’ve bonded a lot with my host sister especially (she likes Snapchat); I’ve eaten a lot of bread, rice and ice cream; and I sang Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and J.Lo at karaoke last night. 

Tomorrow is my first day of school and to be honest, I have no idea what to expect what-so-ever. I do know I’m excited and my host mom also teaches at my school which makes me feel SO much better. Tomorrow is going to be a great day – I can feel it.  

¡Buenas Noches desde Ecuador! 


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