Looking for Closure

It’s almost 9am; I’m sitting at the kitchen table, sipping coffee, looking out into the backyard and day dreaming about my time in Ecuador.

It seems surreal that I’ve been in the US for 10 days already. Thankfully, I’ve been crazy busy which is the main reason for the delay in this post – but I was also at a lack of words for awhile.

It’s hard to find what to say to bring closing to such an amazing experience. The whole reason I went to Ecuador was to teach, but I definitely learned way more than I taught. At first, 10 weeks sounded really long but time constantly flies. It’s flown since I got back to The States and it definitely flew while I was in Ecuador.

I’ve always been the type of person to commit to what I’m doing, give it my all and try to make the most of every situation. While I was in Ecuador, I was sure I was going to return and get a job there. Now that I’m back in the US, reflecting on my time there, it makes me nervous that I could live anywhere. I’m not sure nervous is the right word, but I definitely believe that I could adjust to just about any lifestyle and make it work for me. I love the Latino way of life, though. 🙂 I feel like it’s focused on three F’s: family, food and faith….what could be better?

I definitely miss my family, especially my little sister, Anahi. She was my little buddy – always by my side, loved taking snapchats, loved singing. I miss the food my mom would make and the jokes from my dad. I miss picking on my brother and hanging out with my cousins. I miss exploring Quito with my friends. I miss talking with the other teachers at Quitumbe. I think I miss hearing “teacher” or “profe” yelled at me constantly the most.

Every day in Ecuador was an adventure – I almost never knew what my family had planned and it was almost like a game for me to guess what the day had in store. It was always so exciting. I’m sure this is part of the reason I loved it so much.

Living in Ecuador taught me to think before I speak, observe the situation, be mindful and be laid back. Before I went to Ecuador, my time was so scheduled and full – which I love, don’t get me wrong – but it taught me that being laid back and not doing something every second doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wasting time.

I feel like this post is literally all over the place, but I’m still struggling to find the right words to describe Ecuador. I’m already losing my Spanish and I’m already ready to travel more.

Since being back in the US, I’ve coached a week long cheer camp with Max Athletics (always my favorite week of the summer since I was a camper!); went “up north” with friends; had a bunch of sleepovers with Sarah; gone to the pool; got a babysitting job (for the most ADORABLE newborn little twin boys!); and got a job coaching at a local cheer gym.

I’ll definitely go back to Ecuador, someday. Not sure when, but I was serious when I said I left part of my soul there and I’ll need to go back to find it.

Now, time to start planning my trip to Prague in September!



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