June 15th, 2017

It’s almost midnight, I’m not packed, I leave in 24 hours…..and I’m crying. Honestly, where has the time gone? I remember finishing packing for this trip, going over the important documents I needed in my carry on, downloading all the pictures on my phone so I had enough room for memories of Ecuador and staying… Continue reading June 15th, 2017

Sorry, Mom.

Today I wrote a lot of thank you notes. Thank you’s for the teacher I’ve been with the past 8 weeks; thank you’s to the people who have invited me on field trips; thank you’s to the lunch room staff for feeding me almost every day; thank you’s to the other English teachers for allowing… Continue reading Sorry, Mom.

Hi, I’m Ari.

Hi, I’m Ari and I’m about to graduate college! WOO! But, before I do, I get to take part in an awesome opportunity… I leave tomorrow to teach in Ecuador! This is through the Global Gateway for Teachers Program at Indiana University – Bloomington. Normally, the program is done over a course of two years, but because […]