Public vs. Private

This week, I’ve been privileged with the opportunity to visit another school, here, in Ecuador. Normally, I am at Unidad Educativa Municipal Quitumbe – a public school. This week, I visited Unidad Educativa Lev Vygotsky – a private school. Schools in Ecuador are similar, yet different, to schools in the United States and the difference… Continue reading Public vs. Private

Ecuadorian Weddings 

After I woke up from my nap Friday night, we went shoe shopping for the wedding that was on Saturday. After, we went to the President’s House. When you first walked in, the Flag of Ecuador is on display and everyone bows in respect. There was a tour guide showing us all of the rooms that… Continue reading Ecuadorian Weddings 

¡Tenemos la Reina!

Last Thursday and Friday I didn’t feel well and I am still not quite sure what the actual culprit was, but I have a feeling it’s a mix of eating SO MUCH on a regular basis (I’m literally always full) and a decrease in how much water I drink. Water actually costs more than fruit,… Continue reading ¡Tenemos la Reina!

Mini Vacay #1

So, I’m a little late to post about this past weekend (I’ve been going to bed early, taking naps, and snoozing my alarm at least 3x both Monday and Tuesday this week because it wore me out) but it’s too good to not share! Friday was pretty normal, my host mom, sister and I just… Continue reading Mini Vacay #1

Week 1: Check!

Wait…today is Friday? I’ve been in my school for a week already?? Holy. Cow. Time SERIOUSLY flies when you’re having fun!!! Monday’s 5am alarm came very, very early. We (my host mom is a teacher and my brother attends my school) have to leave by 6:10am to get to school on time. School starts at 7am… Continue reading Week 1: Check!

‘Twas the night before my first day of school…

Me. Encanta. Ecuador. (Translation: I. Love. Ecuador.)  Oh my goodness, is it great here! I swear I’ve learned more Spanish in the 4 days here than in the over 5 years I took Spanish classes. All of my research for my Honors Project on the language learning process is ringing in my ears – the… Continue reading ‘Twas the night before my first day of school…